House glee

We are (about to be) homeowners.

Having never actually bought a house before (I did the girly thing and moved into Barry’s), I’d forgotten that exchange of contracts isn’t the point at which we actually own the house. It is, however, the point at which everything becomes legally binding. No backing out, no demands for a few thousand extra, no changing the terms, no swoppies back. As of the 20th October, this house will become ours.

After all the general messing around, worries, bad feeling and last-minute panics, I’m not sure if ‘glee’ is entirely the right word for what I’m feeling, but there didn’t seem to be a musical term for ‘worn down to numbness by it all and just distantly relieved that nothing else went wrong’, so ‘glee’ will have to do. At least it didn’t end up being ‘House deceptive cadence‘.


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