Happy Week-After-National-Delurking-Week!

Boy, you can’t turn your back for a minute around here. Last week I went for a few days without reading my regular blogs, figuring I’d catch up on all the gossip in a bit, and what do I miss? National Delurking Week, that’s what. All sorts of bloggers have been inviting me to delurk in their comments section. (Well, all right, not me personally. Me as a member of the lurking world in general. Hey, with my social life I’ll take what invitations I can get.) I have missed invitations to introduce myself and let my favourite bloggers know about my life, hopes, dreams, and grandparent-decorating history. Looks like we missed the party over here.

Well, since we missed the party, maybe you can join me in the taxi queue home. Or maybe I could just improve my metaphors. Whatever. Look, the point is – if you’re lurking on here, why not take this chance to delurk? Tell me who you are, how you found this blog, and what you think of it. Ask me probing questions about my life. Smile enigmatically. Make yourself known!



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2 responses to “Happy Week-After-National-Delurking-Week!

  1. Ok, so I’m not a delurker, but I thought I’d sort of de-lurk a lurker of yours who de-lurked for me on my site. Does that make sense? Anyway, for a couple of months now I noticed that I had a regular reader in Utrecht. Well, I finally made a pointed enough reference to said reader and she emailed me and said she found me from your site. I’m not surprised she found me from your site since all of my exotic readers come to me from you, but I figure she must be a regular reader of yours since you don’t have a blogroll up so she would have had to find my site through my comments or through that post of yours where you link me.So, I guess, since you missed De-lurking week this de-lurking by rumor is perfect!

  2. Jo

    I don’t really lurk but if I now go and read Trista’s blog do I get to be exotic? And I can’t remember…did I find you or did you find me? Then we found out we’re in the same town. Bizarre. Not exotic, but bizarre.

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