My son, the feudal activist

Back in the days before I had a child, when I had a functional brain instead, one of my hobbies was reading about history.  The history of the English Royal Family in particular, but I was interested in other key events.  I forget which gift shop of which site of historical interest it was in which I found a copy of the Magna Carta, but it seemed like a pretty cool thing to own and so I bought it.  So if anyone wants to know what grazing rights you’d have in England, or anything like that, then now you know who to ask. 

The copy I have is rolled up, together with the translation, in a black holder with red ends and ‘Magna Carta 1216’ embossed on it in shiny gold letters.  Very interesting-looking to toddlers.

Which is why Barry, after telling Jamie that, no, he couldn’t come into the kitchen when Daddy was cooking lunch, was greeted a few minutes later by Jamie turning up at the kitchen door brandishing a copy of the Magna Carta.  We’d always expected that our son would be the sort to stand up for his rights when thwarted, but we hadn’t expected him to start quite so thoroughly and so young.  Any despot monarchs around are clearly going to have to watch their step.


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  1. Xanthe

    I stumbled across your blog yesterday. And have been reading back through your entries (like time travel, but without upsetting laws of physics etc) while online (which is lots, hem, I do have some fragments of life kicking about the place, honest).
    This made me laugh. Really quite hard. I’m a history graduate, so it filled me with a form of history!glee…
    Anyhow, I thought I would take the opportunity to say how wonderfully you write. It’s compelling enough for me to have abandoned my other reading (collected letters of the Mitford sisters/novel about a girl bopping off to Jerusalem to find King Arthur [or something like that, I may not have been paying enough attention] should you wonder what the competition was) in favour of this. Truly, it is a joy to read. To be fair, the novel will have my undivided attention at points when even if I lugged my laptop along with me I’d not have a wireless connection available – for some reason healthcare trusts seem to spend their money on things other than providing wifi for patients, cannot imagine why that might be; and then there’s always Time Spent On The Train/Bus etc.
    Oh dear. I seem to be bibbling. Possibly as I Should Be Asleep. (Am I the only person on this Earth who can take *counts* about half a dozen medications that ‘May Cause Drowsiness’ & leave people twice her size flat out and STILL Not Get Enough Sleep?) And still the bibble continues. Oh dear.
    One last thing: clearly you are A Good Person. Plenty of evidence kicking about here, evidently. But obviously, none required beyond the information you’re a Pratchett fan 😉

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