In other weekend news…

The-blogger-formerly-known-as-Magpie and I finally got around to meeting up again, having enjoyed the last time so much that it took us a mere four and a half months to get around to doing it a second time.  Jamie and Little-E-to-be had obviously better learn to use phones and issue invites for themselves at an early stage if they want to have any hope of a decent social life.

J. confused me completely by changing her hair colour in the interim, thereby completely overloading my limited facial recognition abilities, but fortunately she recognised me and I’ve now warned her that she’ll need to wear a nametag if she makes a habit of this.  We once again had an excellent time chatting away over our slices of cake while Jamie played with the toys, climbed on the tables, and pointed excitedly at the dog and the balloon outside the café doors.  J. was highly complimentary about Jamie’s exceeding cuteness, his climbing ability, and his ability to sign ‘more’ (both of the latter being particularly pronounced when there was a chocolate brownie of Mummy’s to be pursued). 

I’d hoped that she’d have some news on Little E. by this time, but apparently the next lot of referrals has now been postponed for another couple of weeks.  Whether she’ll be in that batch or not is anyone’s guess, since the referral rumours currently appear to be emerging from a random number generator, but referrals have now happened up until less than a month before her LID, and if it isn’t this batch then surely, surely, it’s got to be the next one.  Which means that, maybe, the next time we meet up we’ll be able to talk about her daughter as well, in more than just the abstract.  Actually, given the length of time it’s likely to take us to get round to meeting up again, I’d say we can be pretty darned sure of it.

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  1. Jo

    Heh : ) Knowing us she’ll probably be starting school by then! And who KNOWS what colour(s) my hair may be!

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