Somebody remind me of this when he’s a teenager

Jamie’s latest skill, acquired as of last week, is blowing raspberries down the phone. 

Even as a besotted parent, I do have to admit that that doesn’t sound terribly exciting.  The point is, he has spent his life to date flat-out refusing to make any sort of sound down the phone.  He is fascinated by phones; he will wrest the phone forcibly from your hand as you attempt to talk on it and stare raptly at it, occasionally pressing important buttons and cutting you off; but through months and months of "C’mon, Jamie, are you going to say hello to Nana, then?" he has remained resolutely mute.

However, last Monday, I rang home at the end of my working day as usual to let my husband know that I was on my way home, and he put me on speakerphone as usual to talk to Jamie, and I burbled excitedly down the phone to him as usual – "Hello, there!  Is that a Jamie on the phone?  Can you hear Mummy, little one?"  And then, not as usual – I heard a tentative little raspberry from the other end, so quiet I couldn’t even be certain it hadn’t been a burst of static until I heard Barry enthusing delightedly over this new milestone.  Since then, he’s repeated this achievement enough times that it clearly isn’t just a one-off.

I feel deeply proud and honoured to be the recipient of my son’s first telephonic communication.  I may not get called Mummy, but at least I now get called Phhhbbbttt.


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One response to “Somebody remind me of this when he’s a teenager

  1. Yes, I remember that excitement. They know what the phone is! And I think it took all three of our kids much longer to do anything but run away shrieking, so you might just have a prodigy on your hands.
    Or a future on-the-phone-at-all-hours teenager. 🙂

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