Other new skills of my son…

1. Sheepdogging.  A couple of weeks ago, while my gran was staying and we were looking round some of the local attractions, Jamie decided we were doing too much unauthorised wandering off on our own and started running round behind each of us in turn to push on our legs and guide us back into the same area.  Since then, he’s started using this trick whenever he wants me or Barry to go in a particular direction.

2. The "Look over there – what’s that?" trick.  In Jamie’s case, due to his lack of speech, this consists merely of pointing vigorously with a determined "Unh!  Unh!", but he still thought it held great promise as a method to distract Barry when he wanted to get at the wall sockets during his optometry appointment.

3. The latest, and the one every parent dreads… climbing out of his cot.  This evening, while Barry was sitting on the bed cutting his nails following his shower, he suddenly heard the excited squeal and sproing of a toddler landing on the bed behind him.  The only way I can see that it would be humanly possible for Jamie to do this would be for him to use my nightstand as a foothold to get over the edge of the cot and then as a bridge onto the bed, so I’ve moved the nightstand out of the way and I’m hoping that this does the trick.  If not, we could be in for some really interesting evenings.



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3 responses to “Other new skills of my son…

  1. Clare Wilson

    Have you tried baby sleeping bags?

  2. Hello GEM
    Just to let you know that blogger ate my blog. I am so gutted. I managed to save most of it and it is now at http://www.doingitallagain.com if you want to continue reading. Don’t you just hate technology?

  3. Hehe, I just re-found your blog (I’d been very frustrated at your blogspot spot where you were not posting…) — anyway, emilymr from mkb — and here to commiserate on the child jumping out of the crib scenario. We gave up, and Micah’s on a futon. The new challenge is keeping him in his room — he broken a supposedly child-proof doorknob lock, he got out when we tied his door shut with a rope, and now he’s doing a great job of banging the door and threatening the new hook-and-eye contraption we put in as a last resort. 😛

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