Off to see the Wizard

This won’t be posted until we get back, as I don’t like advertising that we’re going to be away – but I’m writing it anyway, just out of sheer excitement.  We’re off to introduce my child to his heritage.

We’re off to the Discworld Convention, 2006.  These are held every two years; so while Jamie was technically present, and indeed rather apparent, at the last one, this will be the first one at which he’s an official member and able to take note of it all.  This will probably be an exhausting experience for his parents as well as him, but it’ll be, um, interesting.

As for me, it’s my third Discworld Convention, and I’m looking forward to catching up with the people I haven’t seen since the last one, showing off my beautiful son, and generally having a great time.

See you later!


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One response to “Off to see the Wizard

  1. Ooooh jealous…
    Did you have fun?

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