So many posts…

Shannon recently wrote that her personal ratio of posts written mentally to posts actually written down was about 5:1.  I am in awe – how does she keep the ratio that low?

Here, in somewhat random order, is my current list of potential ah-yes-this-would-make-a-good-post topics:

  1. Life with a toddler
  2. The stuff I actually do during an average day (OK, OK, it interests me, anyway)
  3. My weaning story*
  4. My sleep training story (you know, the one where all the hecklers get to throw rotten fruit and cluck about how I Abandoned My Child)
  5. Some philosophical musings on the what-if-J’s-being-matched-Right-Now theme
  6. A critical discussion of the research (and opinions posing as research) on the Bawling Babies blog, and an explanation of the ways in which it singularly fails to prove that sleep training/CIO is a Bad Thing for any baby under any circumstance.
  7. Why I made the decision I did about the MMR (namely, that Jamie had it)
  8. Why I’m not an Attachment Parent
  9. The previously-promised post on how guilt is used as a weapon to attack formula-feeding mothers
  10. The problem with baby books.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, anyway – topics swim up to the surface of my brain, then sink again, dragged under by the swirling currents of my thoughts.  The problem is that, overwhelmed with all those potential posts, I end up not writing any of them.  (There are posts on that list I’ve been planning to write for months, and haven’t got round to yet.)  When I do get a few minutes, I freeze up, unable to decide which of the many potential posts I should actually concentrate on writing.

However, today I came up with the bright idea of letting you, dear readers, take your pick.  Vote for one or more posts from that list that you think sound interesting; or, if you like, request a post on a completely different topic about which you would like me to write.  And, um, I may then actually get around to writing it.  Please do vote for something, anyway – if it now turns out that no-one has any interest in anything about which I might possibly write, then I’m going to be pretty crushed.

*EDITED TO ADD: Beth’s just pointed out that No. 3 is ambiguous, because ‘weaning’ has more than one meaning.  I normally use it in the usual sense of stopping nursing, and that’s what I meant here.  But, technically, it means the process of starting to give babies *any* foods apart from milk.  (I was interested that Beth said that this was the UK meaning – I never realised it was a national thing.)

Anyway, although that’s not originally what I’d meant to write about, there is actually a post in there now that I come to think about it.  So, No. 3 is now subdivided for you to express further preference if you wish:

3a  – My weaning story, as in how I went about stopping nursing.
3b – My giving-solids story, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Ignore The WHO Recommendations.

ALSO EDITED TO ADD, since I’m editing-to-add anyway: I remembered one that I’ve been meaning to do since I started blogging and still haven’t done.  Told you I’d forget some.  11 is How The Good-Enough-Mum Blog Got Its Name.  Feel free to add that one to your voting, if you wish.



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7 responses to “So many posts…

  1. May I vote for
    in my transferable voting system?
    Regards – Shinga

  2. Ruth

    I vote for 1 and 2- i like the day to day ones best, but if i was going to vote for an ‘issue’ one i would vote for 8.

  3. I vote for #9, 10 and 4.

  4. Beth

    I go with 10, then 8, then 3. I like 9, 7, 6 and 4. One and two will probably just happen on their own, and I kind of like the way little pieces keep sneaking in.
    Oh, on three, do you mean American wean (stop nursing) or British wean (let the kid eat stuff)? Either one is good, although the American one tends to get more angst.

  5. CWhippman

    Desperate and feel entitled to no 11 though I see I am out of sink with others; Then 1 and 2 but I think they are all totally fascinating and you haven’t written one that I haven’t enjoyed and thought hard about both during and after, sometimes long after.

  6. Pretty much all of them because you write so interestingly, but from a personal point of view it would be 4, 7, 8 and 10. If not then 1 and 2 because that stuff *is* interesting to more than just you I reckon.
    Great blog btw. I have spent both Ds’s naps reading it and done no housework whatsoever!:)

  7. I’m voting 7, but they all sound great 🙂

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