We interrupt the vote collection to bring you this brief “Gah” on J’s behalf

Looks like J‘s not getting her referral this month.

Apparently the lead-up to the CCAA sending the referrals consists of some sort of complex and varyingly reliable rumour process, which J. described at some length in a post today.  I have to admit I couldn’t follow all the details, but I believe sacrificing a goat and examining the entrails is involved at some point.  So, this month, the rumour process didn’t seem to be working as normal but J. was hanging on it anyway, because, well, that’s what you do when you’re adopting from China.

For those who aren’t au fait with details of Chinese adoption, the crucial date is apparently the LID.  This stands for Logged-In Date, and is the date on which China mark your referral down as officially having been received by them and add you to the World’s Longest Waiting List.  The CCAA (China Centre for Adoption Affairs) then work through the LIDs in order, doing a batch of them every month.  The crucial question is always "Where are they going to get up to this month?"  Not long ago, they were doing about a month’s worth per month, so the backlog was staying relatively constant.  Then, a few months ago, it plummeted to being a couple of weeks or less per month, which means, of course, that the wait has been getting longer and longer.  Last time they referred up to July 13th, which is within 12 days of J’s LID.

This time, they referred nine days worth.  Up to July 22nd.  J’s LID is July 25th.

This is like one of those maths thingies where you get closer and closer to some limit by smaller and smaller increments, but never quite reach it.  J. doesn’t even have the bittersweet consolation of Karen syndrome.  (This is the expression I’ve coined to describe the situation of missing the LID cut-off by a single day, thus ensuring that the teeth-gnashing frustration of being sonearandyetsofar is at least tempered by finally KNOWING for sure that you’re next.)

Of course, even if this isn’t quite Karen syndrome, it’s still only three days.  J’s surely got to be next.  Got to.  Right?  Right.

Meanwhile, this news would be a double helping of Gah with some extra Gah on the side.


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One response to “We interrupt the vote collection to bring you this brief “Gah” on J’s behalf

  1. Jo

    Sorry…haven’t visited in an age BUT…we kind of DO have Karen syndrome because the 22nd was a Friday. We were logged in on Monday. They rarely log anyone in at weekends and I think this particular weekend it was about 5 people.
    It looks like they’ll only get to the 28th though. But I’m being totally selfish and okay with that. As long as that girl and I both get our referrals this month, I’m happy. Watch that space!

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