Ding ding ding! We have a… something

I must say, I now have a new respect for people who tabulate the votes in countries with single transferable voting systems.  How do they ever keep it all straight?  Of course, they probably have more sophisticated ways of adding the votes up than scribbling a chart on a bit of paper rested on their knees while fending off a toddler who’s trying to grab the pen.

Anyway – a big thank you to all of you who voted, with special mention to my mother for making the 100th comment on this blog, for which she should probably get some sort of prize.  (It’ll probably be my firstborn son.  Temporarily, anyway, while we go out and get a break.)  I should do this more often – it’s fascinating to see what everyone chose.

The current running order is:

A)  How guilt is used as a weapon against formula-feeding mothers
B)  Why I’m not an Attachment Parent
C)  Life with a toddler
D)  Why baby books should be treated with extreme caution
E)  Minutiae of my day-to-day life
F)  The flaws in the supposed anti-controlled-crying evidence on the Bawling Babies website
G)  My sleep training story
H)  How the Good Enough Mummy blog got its name
I)   My weaning story
J)  Why my decision was for Jamie to have the MMR

Voting remains open here and the order will be changed in accordance to any further votes received.  Meanwhile, I’ll amble through those posts in something vaguely resembling that order, with breaks as needed for writing about any current controversies or bits of cuteness on the part of my child that happen in the meantime.  So I should get through that list and be able to post a new one, um, several years from now at the rate I go.


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One response to “Ding ding ding! We have a… something

  1. How stupid is this? I had no real idea about attachment parenting until I started blogging and reading other people’s blogs. Apart from my breastfeeding failures and knowing other people’s successes, everything else from working to sleeping, I had thought was pretty, I don’t know, personal choice. I had no idea it was as emotive and passionate as the breastfeeding debate.
    Sometimes I find the mummy war part really depressing. I much prefer the blogs and sites were different ideas can be expressed in debate with understanding rather than personal attack. It’s been an eye-opener!

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