In search of a tie-breaker

The next on my list of planned posts is now, following the latest votes, tied between:

a) Guilt as a weapon against formula-feeding mothers

b) Why baby books should be treated with extreme caution

c) Why I decided Jamie should have the MMR.

So, if anyone would like to throw in a tie-breaker vote, feel free.  (For that matter, if anyone would like to add to the original votes in order to move an unpopular one further up the list, feel free.)  Meanwhile, I’ll get started on the first of those three while awaiting further votes.



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2 responses to “In search of a tie-breaker

  1. ruth

    Out of these I vote for b and c

  2. Hello, I’m new here having followed the link on ‘’ and if I may be so bold, would say from personal experience, that all three could be cracking posts..
    But the first two clinch it by a whisker. Can’t decide between them tho!

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