Two For Joy

After all the waiting, the wondering, the worrying, the nail-chewing, the pacing of grooves in the floor, the vodka….

…..the blogger-formerly-known-as-Magpie and her co-blogger over at Pomegranate Pages, That Girl, have now had their referrals from China. 

I repeat: They have now had their referrals from China.  In a few weeks, they’ll be GETTING TO SEE THEIR NEW DAUGHTERS.

That Girl’s daughter is eight months old and her name is Yang Chun Hua Ju.  She is living in Guangdong Province.  And, apparently, she’s a restless active child.  Heh – I have one of those.  That Girl is in for some serious safety-proofing.

And, the one I’ve been waiting for most eagerly of all – J’s daughter is almost one year old, and she’s currently living about 100 km from Yang Chun Hua Ju, in Beiliu City.  Her name is Guo Xue, which is pronounced Gwo Shooay (I hope I have that right).  Xue means ‘snow’.  Doesn’t that sound beautifully onomatopoeic?

J. was kind enough to e-mail me copies of the pictures, and she is the most amazingly gorgeous baby.  She has wispy, fluffy hair and a little round face, and she looks so solemn and serious and thoughtful, with an ancient, ageless look in her eyes. If you check out their blog within the next day, you can get to see the first of her photos for yourself – the close-up mug shot, making her look almost like a little statue.  I’m so looking forward to getting more up-to-date photos.  And – I really hope – someday getting to see the girl herself.


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  1. wonderful news! welcome new babies ….

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