In the throes of the nostalgiafest I go through at the approach of significant dates on the calendar (in this case, Jamie’s imminent birthday), I was looking back through last year’s blog entries for around this time, in search of material to fuel my incessant "This time last year…".  And I found this post.

I have to admit I don’t think I ever did a very good job of keeping that particular resolution.  But reading it again made me face the fact that I’m moving further and further away from it as time goes on.  I hardly seem to have been doing any blogging at all lately, and, OK, part of that is because I’ve been busy at work (you know you’re backlogged when the idea "Why don’t I try getting up at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. so that I can come in early and try to clear the decks?" calls forth the immediate mental response of "Brilliant idea!  Why didn’t I think of that one ages ago?") and then exhausted when I get home.  But it’s also that mean ol’ perfectionism again, just as it was a year ago when I posted that.

And I decided "That’s it!  This time, I’m actually going to take that advice to myself.  I’m going to try posting more.  The hell with whether it’s earth-shatteringly profound or fascinating.  I’m just going to get on that darned blog and post whatever comes into my head.  Well, I’m going to do that as soon as I’ve spent another few hours perfecting the finer details of that post about Tricia Smith Vaughan and La Leche League that I’m currently working on."

Thus buoyed up by this resolution, I spent a bit more time tweaking a few words and punctuation marks in the Tricia Smith Vaughan/LLL post, and then went home looking forward to the new non-perfectionist blogging style I was all set to adopt any day now.  And then, in a rare display of brilliant timing on the part of the universe, I read my usual blogs this morning and discovered that November is National Blog Posting Month.

What with not having discovered this until November 2nd, I think I’ve missed the chance to take part in the post-a-day challenge (all right, I suppose the universe’s timing could have been a bit better), but that’s fine by me (well, it was until I realised I could have had a logo on my blog with the motto "Blog Or Die" in Latin, which would have been cool, dammit).  There are bound to be days this month when I come home just too darned exhausted to face logging on no matter what the Gimmick of the Month is, so I’m not too sorry I didn’t sign up for that one.  What I do propose to do, however, is to get into the spirit of the NaBloPoMo if not the letter. 

So, this month, I’m going to post.  I’m going to post whether or not I have anything much to say.  I’m going to post trivia.  I’m going to post fluff.  I’m going to post utter inconsequentiality.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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One response to “Nablowhatnow?

  1. ruth

    I’m all for it (your blogging more, and less perfectly if that’s what it takes) but baffled by the idea that you should have more of an imperative to be perfect in blogging than in motherhood. A blog on that please?

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