Some random Jamieness

A few vignettes from the past twenty-four hours, illustrating my son’s cuteness, impressiveness, and general wonderfulness for his devoted fans:

1. Jamie loves books.  Most of all, he loves it when he can spot a picture of something in a book that he can also identify in real life, an occurence to which he reacts by jabbing his finger fiercely at the picture and then at the real-life object with excited insistent grunts.  Last night, he was looking through one of his books that has, among other things, pictures of coloured shapes in (one of those educational gimmicks to keep parents happy) and he ducked behind the curtains of the French windows.  I thought he’d got bored with the book and gone to play peek-a-boo, which is another huge favourite of his, but after a minute I realised that what he was doing was pointing at the green crescent shape in the book and then up at the moon in the sky.  The moon last night wasn’t a crescent, by the way – it was nearly full.  But we call the crescent shape in the book a moon, when he points to it, because that’s the word he knows from reading Goodnight Moon.  He was most pleased to have the chance to point at an actual real-life moon example.

2. In the same vein, he then found the numbers page in one of his other books.  He’s very interested in numbers, for some reason – I wouldn’t have bothered pointing them out to him yet, but when we go through one of his picture books with numbers in, he gets excited and points to them, so I tell him what they are.  (Oh, yes – and the numbers on the ends of the supermarket counters when we go shopping.  They’re a big favourite.  He runs up and down pointing at them and wanting them named for him.)  He pointed to the number 3, which seems to be quite a favourite of his.  Then he noticed that the video clock display was reading 18.37.  A number 3 which was also a light!  That was a big success.  (Fortunately, he did find something else interesting in under three minutes, so he was spared the disappointment of seeing it change to an altogether inferior 4.)

3. At twenty past five this morning, I was woken up by an insistent little figure next to my bed.  Jamie normally sleeps extremely well, and when he does wake up at this sort of hour it’s generally because he needs changing, but I knew that couldn’t be the case here as he’d woken up an hour earlier with a leaking nappy and Barry had changed him then.  I did check his nappy to make sure, but it was fine.  He just wanted Mummy, that was all.  I carried him back to his own bed and his fierce little fingers gripped my sleeve and pulled me down to him for a tight hug.  And so I lay there with him on the bed, holding him in my arms and dozing, the two of us snuggled up together, until he was settled back to sleep again and it was time for me to get up and get ready for work.


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  1. Clare Wilson

    Ooooh, getting into bed with them in the morning…setting yourself up for disaster – or so the books say anyway. Sure it was nice and cuddly this morning, but are you happy to do it every morning? At earlier and earlier times?
    PS – I do it too. My 13-month-old has been getting up at 5.00 every morning for about the past six weeks now and at that time I will do anything to get another half hour sleep. Sadly it doesn’t work, however, and she doesn’t go back to sleep, but at least I don’t have to get up.

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