It’s gone midnight, so that means that today is the day that Jo and her husband meet their daughter.  Three years of waiting and wondering and form-filling… today will be the day, for them.

They’re, what – eight hours ahead of us?  They’re probably awake by now.  If they got any sleep.  I hope they did, because it’s likely to be the last for a while.  I keep thinking about them and wondering how they’re getting on, what they’re doing right now.  Two people going mad with excitement and nerves, counting down the minutes until they meet their daughter.  One little girl who doesn’t understand what’s going on or how her life is about to change.

Wow.  Oh, golly.  This is so exciting.  And sad, because all Xue will understand for a long while is that everything in her life has changed, and she won’t understand why, or that it’s OK to trust the new people taking care of her.  And happy, because a family is getting the daughter they’ve been waiting for.  And… sad again, because I wish there was some way that Xue’s first mother could know that, however horrible it is for her to be without her daughter, this little girl is going to get the best possible care and two parents who love her as much as any parents could ever love a child.  And amazing.  A decision that Jo took three years ago is finally coming to fruit and meaning that strangers get brought together to become family, and they are all over there in China RIGHT NOW waiting for that to happen.  And awkward, because it will be rough for all of them at first, especially Xue.  And amazing some more.  And wonderful.  And… wow.

Waiting, hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, waiting for details, pictures… and wishing all three of them luck.


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