This is going to be a terribly dull post, but I’m recording this for myself:

Just weighed and measured Jamie.  His weight is 2 stone 5 for those of us in the UK, or 33 lb for any US readers I have, or 15 kg in new money.  This puts him on the 91st centile.  I’m impressed but not terribly surprised – he’s a solid little chunker!

Measuring him was more difficult as I made the mistake of letting him see the pencil I’d put ready to mark his height on the wall, and he was most annoyed that I wouldn’t let him play with it.  However, we were able to establish that he is now 89 cm, or 2′ 11".  If we go by the old rule of doubling his height now to get his height as an adult, this means we can expect him to be 5’10".  However, there are some big-time height genes in Barry’s side of the family (Barry is 6′ 4", and all the men in his mum’s side are over six feet), and my mother-in-law tells me that Barry’s brother was less than three feet at the age of two (he’s now six feet two), so we shall see.  I don’t think he’ll be as tall as his father, but that’s just as well – it would be nice for him to be spared the lifetime of never fitting in aeroplane seats or being able to buy trousers that Barry’s faced.

His height is 75th percentile for his age.  Now, I didn’t measure him when he turned one, which is a shame – I’d have loved to have a direct comparison.  (And we’d already moved into this house then, so I could have had a succession of heights up the wall for each birthday.)  But the measurements that I have for his length at six months and his height at sixteen and eighteen months all have him on or near the 25th centile, so it seems a reasonable bet that that’s where he was when he was one.  If so, that would mean he’s grown six inches in the past year.

Six inches?!  No wonder I feel like it’s got a lot harder to put stuff out of his reach!


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