Life as a two-year-old

Things Jamie enjoyed doing today:

Putting his feet into Duplo blocks.  This is in line with a general foot-related theme in recent times – if something has a concavity (parts of the mamushka doll, the plastic boats from his bath toy set, Mummy and Daddy’s shoes and slippers), he will try putting his feet in.  On this occasion, he spent some time stacking up three Duplo blocks in a mini-tower on first one foot, then the other.

Taking the lid off his box of blocks and getting me to put it back on again.  (He occasionally shook the box, for variety.)

Playing on the climbing frames and new bouncy seat in the park.  (This one admittedly lacks the endearing touch of eccentricity that the others have, but he enjoyed it too much for me to miss it out.)

Watching the washing machine.  Not only does it go roundandround, but it has lit-up numbers on it which change every minute.  What more could a boy ask for?  He was enthralled by this for an uninterrupted twelve minutes (by the washing machine’s timer) before wandering off elsewhere.  Then he came back later to watch the last few minutes, just before his dinner.

Lifting the sponge out of his bath water and watching all the water run off it, then putting it back in the water to lift it out again.

Things Jamie didn’t enjoy today:

Being told he couldn’t play with Mummy’s biro.  No, not even if he had managed to retrieve it from the desk via his own intrepid climbing skills and determination.

Being told he couldn’t play with the huge pack of paperclips on Mummy’s desk.  And, no, he couldn’t use Mummy’s drawer of Important Files as a step up to get that or anything else off the desk.

Things Mummy didn’t enjoy today:

Leaving him alone for a minute or two only to come back and find he had hold of aforementioned huge pack of paperclips and had spilt it all over the floor.

The inevitable results of a cold in a toddler too young to have the idea of nose-blowing.

Things Mummy enjoyed today:

Naptime.  Even if it wasn’t as long as usual, dammit.

Watching her son enjoy all the little things listed above, all the things that she’d never have thought to look twice at without a two-year-old to show her what fun they could be.


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