As NaBloPoMo draws to a close, I can say that I’m rather pleased with myself.  Twenty posts in the course of the month (and would have been twenty-one if I’d been a few minutes quicker with this one) has got to be a new record for me.  Looking back, that’s as many as I managed in the previous two and a half months.

Of course, that still isn’t a post every day as participants were officially supposed to do (in fact, it’s not even a post on twenty days out of the month, but an average including some higher-output days).  I’m still glad I didn’t choose to take part officially – trying to get a post up every day would have driven me nuts, and I’m not ready to sacrifice quality for quantity to the extent that I’d have had to do.  But I’m also glad I chose to enter into the spirit of it despite not being able to follow it to the letter.  I needed something like that to kick me out of my writers’ block, and I’ve found that being able to say "Who cares whether this is of a sufficiently high standard?  It’s NaBloPoMo!  I am officially entitled, and indeed encouraged, to post what the hell I like!" was exactly what I needed.  As NaBloPoMo draws to a close, I shall try to keep the spirit alive on this blog.


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  1. Clare Wilson

    I hope you do. I really enjoy reading your blog and am always disappointed if I check and there’s nothing new. Myself, I’m a mother of a 14-month old, so I enjoy learning about what my daughter is likely to be getting up to over the next year. Also I’m a medical journalist, so I’m really interested in the medical side. And I love your perspective on things like breastfeeding (how to promote it without alienating people), attachment parenting, basically the whole mummy wars thing.

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