If you’re here from the Grassy Knoll forum…

…then do please satisfy my curiosity and tell me how this page came to be mentioned on your forum.  I know it has been, because I’ve had numerous hits from there in the past few days; but when I tried to view the forum to find out what people were saying, the best I could manage after a half hour or more of faffing about was a message that in order to gain access to the board I had to apply for membership, as the administrator liked to find out about potential members beforehand to ensure that discussions were ‘thoughtful, lively and spam free’.  The test that I had to pass to demonstrate that I fulfilled the necessary criteria was to click on a button saying ‘Apply For Membership’.  As yet I don’t know whether I clicked on it in sufficiently thoughtful, lively, and spam-rejecting fashion, as I haven’t had notification one way or the other from the administrator.  Since I don’t know how long that will take, can anyone from the Grassy Knoll Inner Sanctum please fill me in meanwhile?



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2 responses to “If you’re here from the Grassy Knoll forum…

  1. Hey, that’s me! I posted the link to yours on the Supreme Court and did a bit of ranting on the subject. Embarrassed confession: a relative was responsible for that. You cannot imagine the shame.
    PS, the Knoll is swell; if you want in I’ll pass it on.

  2. Hi
    I don’t know what happend? Where are you many?

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