I am Sarah’s warm glow of accomplishment

Today at work, I got caught up on all of my letters (incoming and outgoing) and results; cleared my inbox (and I’m not even going to tell you what date the stuff at the bottom was); sorted out the filing drawer in my desk the lurking depths of which I have been avoiding in the entire two-and-a-bit years I’ve worked at this place (it still has lurking depths, but now they’re properly categorised and sorted lurking depths), and cleared at least some of the junk on my desk.  Oh, and I even remembered to put back the ophthalmoscope I borrowed for a visit two days ago that was still in the bottom of my bag (as opposed to forgetting all about it, going home with it on my last day, and leaving the practice without it for the next four months).

Monday is my last day at work.  Bring it on; I’m ready.



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2 responses to “I am Sarah’s warm glow of accomplishment

  1. Ruth

    I’m ready too to be an auntie again! It was very good the last time around.

  2. Fiona Hardman

    Dear Sarah,
    I am so excited to be in touch with Ruth and your mum again after a 17 year gap. I am now hooked on your blog. It is great! However, I find myself writing in very short sentences in case I make a punctuation or spelling mistake. I would not want to offend! I do hope this message finds you in matching socks and top!
    I’ve just finished nights and am a little pooped but much love for now,

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