In which I still fail to think of any sort of interesting title

Hell, this isn’t even an interesting post.  Still, I feel like writing something.  Besides, it’s Nablopomo again, so I’ve got an excuse.

Jamie had his orthoptist appointment today.  Everything is, it seems, much the same – Pat wants us still to continue with the two-hour-a-day patching regime.  This does not have even remotely the heart-plummeting effect that it would have had a couple of months ago, because the difference with the new patch design – the cloth one that fits over his glasses instead of needing to be stuck straight to his skin – has been awesome.  We did have to go through a few initial days of getting used to it and being very consistent about replacing it whenever he pulled it off, but, of course, that’s one hell of a lot easier to do with this design, since we can simply pop his glasses straight back on, patch and all, without having to go through the rigmarole of opening another one up.  And the rapidity with which he got used to it is remarkable.  While he needed to adjust to having his good eye covered again after the months of having it free, this patch really does seem a lot more comfortable for him.  Plus, the way it can be slipped on and off so easily means that it’s much easier just to put it on for a short time as and when we can.  One thing that was always awkward with the stick-on patches was that they could only be used once, and so I would find myself hanging on until I thought we could get the full time in one go rather than waste one.  Even on a one-hour-a-day patching regime, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a solid hour in a toddler’s day when they aren’t due to have a meal or a nap or go out anywhere and when you’re around and available to supervise them and prevent them ripping the patch off as soon as your back’s turned.  I wasted a lot of potential patch time waiting for the magic time slot that, in fact, didn’t come up all that often.  Now that it’s feasible for me just to slip his patch on any time we’ve got ten minutes to spare, I do so, and it adds up throughout the day – especially since, with our disorganised schedule, it’s amazing how often that ten minutes to spare actually turns out to be forty minutes of good patch time.

So, I am facing the prospect of two hours a day patching for the foreseeable future with more equanimity than I ever would have believed possible.  Which is just as well, because I think now we’re in this for the long haul.  Before, I could look forward to Jamie’s squint surgery and hope that maybe the improved alignment of his eyes would render the patches obsolete, but now that we know that hasn’t worked, there doesn’t seem to be a lot else we can do other than wait and see how it goes.  Pat assures me that he will eventually reach a stage of maturity where his brain maintains the vision in the squinting eye without regular patching being needed to force the issue, but it isn’t possible to make any predictions about how old he will be when this happens, so the patches are likely to be part of our lives for a good few years yet (even apart from the possibility of Katherine/Alfie needing them, something I have prepared myself for given that squints often run in families).

Progress report on everything else: Banisters – polished and ready to start going up tomorrow.  Paintwork – given final paint-&-grain coat.  Baby – still on the inside.  Contractions – still on and off but still more off than on.  Baby equipment – still waiting to be washed (the stuff that was in the loft needs cleaning over) but I’m hoping to get the Moses basket done tonight.  And that’s about all I got to say about that.


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