A quickie

On the off-chance that perhaps not all my readers were breathlessly checking my About Page on a regular basis to look for any changes, I shall let you know that I finally got round to changing the photo.  I have a very nice one of the three of us that I’ve been meaning to put on for ages, and I thought I’d better seize this final opportunity to do so while it is still the three of us. 

So, instead of that very old one of Jamie as a newborn with the ghastly non-editing that meant that it was enormous and took ages to load (sorry about that – I always did mean to do something about it, honestly), I now have a more up-to-date one showing my family collectively engaged in our favourite pastime.  It’s also a much more reasonable size.  In fact, it’s probably gone a bit too far to the opposite extreme, but it’s big enough for you to get the general idea.  I was going to tell you all to go check it out, but then realised that while I was on a roll with the techie stuff I might as well just insert it into this post:

There – that’s rather a nice one, isn’t it?  That was taken in my mother’s back garden.  It isn’t terribly recent – I think it dates back to summer of last year – but it’s certainly a more accurate picture of what Jamie looks like these days than the one of him as a newborn on his woolly sheep.  The fascination with the computer screen is especially accurate.


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One response to “A quickie

  1. Fiona Hardman

    Dear Sarah,
    Wishing you the best of luck!
    Much love

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