What a wonderful noise there’ll be

Thank you, all of you, so much, for all your congratulations.

I certainly do intend to keep blogging, although, for obvious reasons, it will not be as often in the next few years as it has been in the last few weeks.  To the very complimentary new reader who thought I’d managed to make my last post with a one-day-old baby to take care of, I can promise you that I’m nowhere close to that organised – that one was written in the couple of days before I had Katherine.  I did finish it off and post it while I was in what was in retrospect early labour, if that counts for any credit.

Currently, I’m working on getting the story of the birth up; and, as you can imagine, there’s a lot else to write (not to mention a lot to prevent me from writing it).  But, in the meantime, here are a few pictures of my two wonderful, marvellous children.

Pict0019 Pict0022



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5 responses to “What a wonderful noise there’ll be

  1. Many congrats to the four of you! Sorry I hadn’t been paying attention and missed the big event until a few days later – still, I’m sure you’ve all been far too busy to wonder where my congratulations were.
    I really love the third photo, with Jamie just looking really shocked at the whole thing – he has such an expressive little face! 🙂

  2. Kirsten

    I love the last picture! 🙂 You look so happy. My own little baby is nearly 10 months old now and it feels funny to look at you with your brand new girl. I don’t know where the time has gone, but it has been a hard slog since Seb was born and isn’t getting easier really, just different. So, I’ve ordered the Three Shoes book, thanks for the recommendation! I usually find the time to read a couple of pages of something or other a day (either in the bath after kids are asleep, or I lock myself in the loo for a couple of minutes if Adam’s home, so I don’t get followed) so I do hope to figure out how to parent two eventually.

  3. How gorgeous she is!!! You all look fantastic, and the eyelashes on Jamie…

  4. Sidheag

    That first picture has a very convincing smile, for a baby who’s not supposed to be able to smile yet!

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