9 1/2 Weeks

I realised that that is indeed Katie’s current age when Moira asked me this morning, which of course means that I have to write a blog post purely in order to use that title.  Katie rose to the occasion by actually drinking her daily couple of ounces of painstakingly pumped milk instead of merely toying with the bottle teat and insisting that I should stop messing around and give her milk via the correct route, as she has been doing for the past several weeks since I made the mistake of letting a crucial six days elapse between practice bottles.  Given my upcoming return to work, you can imagine what a relief this was.  I shall not be too hasty to consider us out of the woods on this one, since she did take a bottle or two prior to declaring the strike, but it’s an extremely hopeful sign.  I shall keep on assiduously pumping milk every morning for daily practice bottles (no more of this laid-back twice-a-week plan for me, not after that scare), and hope for the best.

The other recent milestone to report is that I have now started putting her in the front carrier facing outwards instead of inwards, thus enabling her to see a lot more of the world and enabling me to bump her on the head more often as I incautiously move too fast towards a gate or fail to catch a swinging door in time.  I did both of these on her first forward-facing outing, on Sunday, when we went out to a local stately home.  Despite those setbacks, Katie seemed to accept the forward-facing position, in a rather puzzled kind of way, and we all had a wonderful day out.  Not that we actually did anything apart from drive there, take a short walk round the grounds and the local village (the house itself was still closed for the winter), and drive home again, but it was one of those occasions when a) getting out for a change of scene suddenly makes you realise just how much you needed one and how good it feels to get one, and b) your heart fills up with pride and joy and delight at your good fortune.  As I walked down the hill with one of my beautiful children looking so smart in his new red-and-black coat and insisting on holding my hand as well as Daddy’s as he walked along and the other bobbing along on my front taking her first look out at the big wide world, I knew just how incredibly lucky a woman I was, and I revelled in that knowledge.



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2 responses to “9 1/2 Weeks

  1. beth

    Nice title 🙂 Does she like ice cubes?
    Btw, does Barry give her the practice bottle? Because that’s part of the practice — eating when mom isn’t there. It’s also often easier to convince them to take the bottle when you aren’t waving the fresh stuff at them :-). The dad had a lot more success with the bottle than I did, but then I never did get good with them (I packed for a vacation once and forget to include nipples for the bottles. I mean, they aren’t part of the pumping kit. Oops.)
    Sounds like you are enjoying your expanded family.

  2. Fromthestart

    Hi, don’t know if you remember me, but I briefly had a blog called From The Start… I had to take it down though.
    We were due around the same time, my son was born on 30th November so you just beat me to it 🙂
    Congratulations, and hope things are still going well.

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