In writing about Katie’s three-month-oldness, I forgot to mention one milestone – she can now hold a rattle for a few minutes (or, at least, has done so on one occasion after I’d been through several rattles to find one that she seemed easily able to hold).

As passionate as my desire is to have every one of these details recorded fully for posterity, I do have to admit that that isn’t really much to base an entire blog post on.  So I shall pad it out a little by also recording that, on Thursday, Jamie and Katie had their first conversation with each other.  I cannot comment on the discussion topic as the conversation was conducted entirely in loud squeals which I had a bit of difficulty translating, but I am pleased to report that they both seemed to find it fascinating and highly enjoyable.


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  1. LoopyNZ

    Just browsing through your comments (can I RSS them?) and found that this poor wee post didn’t have any, so let me cheer:
    (I seriously suspect that people who make rattles have never actually SEEN a baby’s hand, let alone made any measurements of one.)

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