What Jamie And Katie Did (Instalment 1)

Circumstances mean that my mother will be unable to visit her grandchildren for a good few weeks, something about which she is understandably sad.  I came up with the idea that, while this is the case, I could try posting a series of extremely brief posts on a daily or near-daily basis, providing updates of a couple of lines per post on what cute/funny/adorable/clever/horrendously irritating things Jamie and Katie did the evening/day immediately preceeding the post, in hopes of making it all live for my mother while she can’t be around for it.  (Don’t get too excited.  This is one lot of good intentions with major potential for wayside-fallage.)  So, things the two of them were doing yesterday evening:

Jamie: Insisted on listing the songs on his ‘Action Songs And Rhymes’ DVD in order and getting me to sing each one in turn (mostly while I was trying to eat my dinner).  Since even he had trouble remembering more than about the first twenty, he went on to play the DVD to check them all out.  At the end of it, he announced to me happily that there were ninety songs.  Since the DVD is actually called ‘100 Action Songs And Rhymes’, either he’s miscounted at some point or we’ve been short-changed.  Still, I thought it was an impressive amount of song-counting for a three-year-old to manage in one go.

Katie: Gurgled and smiled quite a lot.  She thinks it’s very funny when we lean over the bar above her bouncy seat (the one with the toys hanging from it for her to grab), smile at her, and then lean under the bar to smile at her again.  (This is the really cool thing about babies that I’d forgotten – they think you’re the best comedian out there.  Forget your stand-up comics and your TV comedy shows, guys – Mummy is making bub-bub-bub noises at me, and that’s hilarious!)



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3 responses to “What Jamie And Katie Did (Instalment 1)

  1. Granny

    This is the best and dearest gift ever. Love Mum/Granny

  2. Ruth

    awwwww. they are the cutest ever. love auntie Ruth xx

  3. Granny

    Great Grandma Martha has had us read this over and over to her. Just wish you could see first hand the joy it has brought. Love from Great Grandma Martha, Granny Constance and Aunty Ruth.

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