The Jamie And Katie Show, 4th – 5th April

Last night was one of my nights for bathing Jamie (I bath him on Friday and Saturday nights; Barry gives him a shower on the other nights of the week).  When the bath is finished and he’s let all the water out (his job), he normally climbs out, balancing precariously on the edge of the bath for a second before launching himself into my arms with one of his heart-stopping toothy grins.  Last night some water had been splashed on the edge of the bath, and he had a bit of trouble getting purchase to climb up.  "It seems," he announced thoughtfully to himself, "that you are too slippery to climb out."

As I type this, he’s playing his DVDs on the computer behind me.  His game for tonight has been to open up Word and type the title of each DVD before playing it, copying them carefully letter by letter from the title displayed on the box.

Katie (currently asleep in her cot upstairs) finds Jamie fascinating.  When the two of them are in the same room I can see her watching him intently. She’s getting a lot of early exposure to nursery rhymes, thanks to his predilection for getting me to sing my way through "Action Songs And Rhymes" in order – I move her arms and legs through some of the actions, and she thinks this is great fun.  But when I try turning her around so that we can smile at each other while I’m singing (after all, this is supposed to be great for the bonding), she’s far more interested in turning round to see what Jamie’s up to.

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