The Jamie And Katie Show, 5th – 6th April

Last night, as we were eating dinner, Jamie started chanting "Mmmmmm-mmmmm!  Mmmmmmmm!" in progressively higher-pitched tones, all the while waving his forefinger in rising circles above his plate as though exhorting the baked beans to join in with him.  (There was once an ad for some type of lunch meat, Mattersons or some such, for which the slogan was "Try saying Mattersons without saying Mmmm" – if you remember the "Mmmmm"s they used to sing on the TV ads, you’ll have the general idea of how he sounded.)

"What are you doing, Jamie?" Barry inquired.

Jamie considered this for a second.  "I’m saying ‘Mmmmmmm’!" he informed us brightly.

Clever thing that he did today: Decided he wanted to type ‘Mummy and Katie and Jamie’.  I spelled ‘Katie’ out for him, and helped him with ‘and’, but he knew how to type the other words himself.  He wanted to go on to type ‘Mr Tickle and Mr Happy’ ("And this next one is quite a difficult one" he told me by way of introduction of this request), but I had to go and change Katie and by the time I’d done that he was busy with something else.

And the weekly supermarket trip through Jamie’s eyes: Tonight, as he played with one of his toy cars, he commented "We get into the car and close the doors and then we drive to Sainsbury’s."  (Imaginative play!  Yes!)  I agreed that this was indeed a common sequence of events, and asked him what we did when we got to Sainsbury’s.  He considered this carefully.  "We go check all the numbers," he told me.  Buying food is clearly a secondary purpose of minor enough importance to have slipped his mind.

Katie, meanwhile, is gurgling a lot and grabbing things.  (I feel I’m being somewhat uneven in the reporting here, but what can I say?  She’s a baby; she just doesn’t do that much.  I’m planning a longer post on her some time soon, if that’s any help.)


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