The Jamie And Katie Show, Ongoing

Jamie didn’t actually do anything of particular note yesterday, so here’s a random snippet of cuteness from recent days:

A few evenings back, I was looking for Jamie’s numbers book, which he’d requested as a bedtime story.  (He actually has several numbers books, but I did eventually manage to work out which particular one he was asking for despite having some difficulty convincing him that "The one with the numbers one two three four five six seven eight nine TEN in it!" was not quite as helpful in narrowing the field as he seemed to think.)  Jamie was helping out with his idea of looking for something, which involved standing on the bed, examining what appeared to be random points in mid-air, and announcing "It’s not over there... and it’s not over there either…"  Then a sudden idea struck him.  "Oh, dear!" he exclaimed.  "We forgot to warn the numbers book that Jamie is looking for it!"

I hadn’t realised my son was considered such a scourge of numbers books even in his own mind, but I do think it very sporting of him to want to give the book a fair chance to get away.

Katie, meanwhile, is getting increasingly good at grabbing things.  She’s been able to do this for about a week or two now – for all I know it would have been longer, but her extreme spittiness means I try to keep her upright as much as feasible and therefore she hasn’t been spending much time under her baby gym in recent months, so her opportunities for grabbing have been more limited than they might have been.  It has been – literally – a hit-or-miss process, but, with careful concentration and a certain amount of recalibration as the process goes on, she can now do a reasonable job of getting hold of things placed within her reach. (I remember reading about this process years ago – Penelope Leach describes babies of three to four months having to go through a process of constantly measuring the distance between their hand and the object they’re trying to grab and readjusting as they go.  Seeing it happen in real life exactly as described is really pretty cool.)  On Monday, Barry tried putting a couple of toys in her cot – her caterpillar and a little white teddy bear dressed in bobble hat and scarf that he calls Winter Bear.  Since yesterday morning, she’s been successfully grabbing the bear and pulling it towards her for further exploration.  She grabbed the caterpillar once, but her preference so far seems to have been for the bear.

I am thrilled with this new development.  Not only is it fascinating to see her reach the stage where she can actually do things instead of just looking cute, but it’s also an extremely practical milestone, in that it marks the beginning of her ability to entertain herself.


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3 responses to “The Jamie And Katie Show, Ongoing

  1. Granny

    I am impressed by Jamie’s increasing confidence with pronouns. As for warning the number books in advance…hmmm. I just found 1,000 stickers for $1 which must be an all time record. America is amazing. Home soon. Love from number one fan of “Jamie and Katie, inc”

  2. Granny

    What I want to know is HOW you identified which of the multitude of numbers books was THE number book de jour…or should I say de nuit? Given this child must be the most number booked boy in the UK I am most impressed with how you rose to the challenge of locating the essential text for bedtime reading? What an impressive bit of mothering.
    XX An admirer

  3. As much as I’d love to be able to put it down to my brilliant maternal instinct, it was actually not that impressive a feat. I remembered that earlier he’d been reading the one Ruth got him, so I asked him whether it was the one with the giant bunny in it and he agreed. That’s all.

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