The Jamie And Katie Show, Resumed

Apologies for the break in service there.  Katie’s main developmental goal, for the past few weeks, has been to see how many times she can wake up during the night.  Earlier this week she added in the goal of seeing how long she can keep herself awake for at bedtime when she’s meant to be settling.  Things do seem to have finally started to improve these past couple of days, but meanwhile, of course, time that I could otherwise have spent trying to squeeze in a quick blog post has instead been spent on trying to catch up on sleep.

Jamie’s latest game, rather endearingly, is to pretend he doesn’t know what’s behind different doors in the house.  It goes something like this: He pulls the door to his bedroom or the bathroom closed, runs down to the far end of the hall, saunters back along, stands in front of the closed door, and announces "What’s this?  It’s a door!  And what’s behind it?  Do you think you should open it, Jamie?"  I assure him that yes, indeed he should, and he very carefully pushes it open just far enough for him to slip inside.  Then his face appears at the crack in the door, wreathed in his usual huge grin, and he informs me as to what room it is.  Sometimes he will also inform me of the state of the lighting ("It’s a dark bathroom!").  And, thusly, the ordinary everyday rooms in the house maintain their mystery and excitement.  As a bonus, I get regular reassurance that our bathroom and second bedroom are still there and have not, in fact, fallen off into any alternative dimensions.  One just never knows these days.

Oh, and he invented a new word – ‘airlight’ – to describe the look of dust motes drifting in the air.  I thought that was a rather good term.

Katie, as always, does stuff that is just as adorable in its own way but less amenable to anecdote (smiling, gurgling, grabbing hair).  But she did very well at waving a rattle around yesterday, so I feel she should get some points for that.

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One response to “The Jamie And Katie Show, Resumed

  1. Granny

    Great Grandma Martha and I are sitting having coffee and LOVED this blog! I shall always enjoy dusting the more now that I know it comes from “airlight”. Love from the land of oranges and grapefruit….Granny

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