And the message for today is…

Happy birthday, Mom!  Many happy returns!

Anyone care to join me in wishing my mother a very happy birthday?  If you want to help make my mother’s birthday as special as she is, please go ahead and add your birthday wishes to the comments.  Let’s see how many we can get!



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9 responses to “And the message for today is…

  1. beth

    Happy Birthday! To a grandma with a great set of grandkids!

  2. Sidheag

    Happy birthday, Sarah’s mum!

  3. Ruth

    happy birthday to the best mother in the world.
    love Ruth xxxx

  4. Gareth

    i was saying to ruth its about time you and i were introduced so let us cook you a birthday dinner very soon! best wishes have a lovely day with your own mammy.

  5. Eva

    Hooray and happy birthday!

  6. A Yankee

    Happy Birthday to the Grandmum of two interesting tykes — from a geek who appreciates Jamie’s particularly Jamie view of the world.

  7. Granny

    This was just the best and most fun birthday surprise. Thank you to Beth, Sidheag, Ruth, Gareth, Eva, Junior Docspot and a Yankee for making my birthday fun on at least 2 continents!
    Love from Granny Constance

  8. Happy belated Birthday to your mother. I love reading this blog but only swing by monthly (oops).

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