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I just remembered I didn't get a post up about Jamie's latest orthoptist appointment.  Not through lack of trying – I started writing one that same evening (it was on Tuesday just gone), and got half-way through when Typepad did one of its occasional crash-and-burns and lost the post.  Fortunately I hadn't written that much so it was no more than a minor annoyance, but, as I was falling asleep in my chair by then, I couldn't be bothered to start over and decided I'd do it the next day.  And then forgot, of course. 

Anyway, don't get too excited (oh, you weren't?  Oh, well), as I record it only for the sake of completeness; it could best be summarised as Same Stuff, Different Day.  The visual acuity in his squinting eye is still not quite as good as that in the other eye, but the difference is apparently minor and Pat now thinks that, rather than continually hoping that we'll be able to correct it with enough patching, we should accept that there is going to continue to be a difference and simply aim to maintain it at the level it's at.  She did float the possibility of taking another break from the patching, but, as much as I like that idea, I do have to face the fact that the last time we tried that his vision got worse and I do not want this to happen again.  So, following a bit of discussion, we both agreed that the patching should continue for now.  There is now some light at the end of this particular tunnel; Pat thinks that if we can stick to the patching assiduously enough now then we should be able to leave it for good by the time he starts school.  So we shall hang in there.

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