Seven Months: The Start Of The Interesting Bit

I’m going to try to shoot for doing monthly updates on Katie.  That strikes me as possible.  Theoretically, at least.

The ‘interesting’ in the title is meant quite genuinely, not in some sort of quasi-euphemistic ‘May you live in interesting times’ sense.  The interesting bit, as far as I’m concerned, is all the stuff that comes after the first six months, which I think of as a sort of rather dull but necessary prelude.  As you can imagine, I looked forward to Katie reaching the six month mark; I approached her seventh month with high hopes that from this point on she would start doing more noteworthy things.  I am pleased to report that she rose to the occasion in fine style. 

A summary of the things she did during her seventh month of extrauterine life:

Sitting up alone.  Although she is still a mite wobbly and prone to suddenly ending up supine (that’s one of those delightful contradictory phrases, like ‘certainly possible’), she can now sit for several minutes at a time.  In fact, she can now multitask, reaching out for toys and playing with them while still maintaining herself in sitting position.

Sitting in a high chair.  I had a week off in June, and used it, among other things, to finally get the high chair cleaned up from the state that Jamie left it in.  (Yes, I am well aware of how badly it speaks of our housekeeping skills that it took me that long to get around to it.)  Jamie had great fun helping me clean it and Katie now has great fun sitting in it, when I actually get round to putting her there (I am shockingly bad at remembering that feeds for Katie these days are supposed to involve something a bit more than simply plonking her on my breast while I browse the Internet).  I give her some bits of toast, or cheese, or microwaved vegetables, or liver sausage, and she has a grand old time working her way through it (except the liver sausage, which was still fun to play with but which she didn’t seem too keen on actually eating).  And, as far as I can estimate from mentally subtracting all the bits that I later collect from her lap/the sides of the chair/the floor from the size of the portion she started out with, at least some of it does actually end up inside her.  My mother, who predated the baby-led weaning movement (isn’t it good when doing things in the easiest way possible actually has an official name and backing as something with, supposedly, positive benefits?), is extremely impressed that she’s bypassed the whole business of spending months working her way up through progressively lumpier purĂ©es, and has concluded that she’s a child prodigy.

Trying out the baby bouncer.  Not only did she enjoy this one, but her big brother did as well.  “Swing Katie!” he squealed excitedly, pulling her back for a massive push forward.  Barry and I both leapt towards him with hasty yells of caution which were, of course, totally unwarranted, since Katie loved it.

Having her teeth brushed.  Another item for the “Damn, I forgot we’re now meant to do this as part of the routine” list.  So far I have managed to remember to brush them twice in the month since they came through.  Must improve on this track record before she has a full set.  Talking of which, there is a certain “Wow, was that it?!” factor to brushing the teeth of a child who only has two when you’re used to performing this service for a child who has the full twenty.  I use some of the time on running the brush over her gums as well, in hopes of getting her used to the idea that this is eventually going to be a more extensive process than it currently needs to be.  She loves it.  (That sentence does seem to be popping up a lot, now that I think of it – good to know that she’s also enjoying all these new developments in her life.)

Talking in syllables.  Her previous vocabulary of squeals and gurgles has now been enhanced by utterances of “Ma-ma-ma-ma!  Ba-ba-ba-ba!  Mba-mba-mba!”  This one, we love.  It sounds unbelievably adorable.

(Good gracious – I have actually managed to finish this post within a mere four days of her turning seven months.  This bodes well for the future.)


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4 responses to “Seven Months: The Start Of The Interesting Bit

  1. Auntie Ruth

    just wanted to add a couple of things about my delightful niece:
    1) being incredibly sociable- katie loves watching people- she smiles and interacts whenever you pick her up. she loves her brother playing with her and beams when he does.
    2)being very good natured. Katie is always smiling and very rarely fusses or gets grumpy.
    An all round excellent baby.
    Love Auntie Ruth xxxx

  2. Granny Constance

    Way to go, Katie. What I love about the first 6/7 months is that in fact all the stuff that comes later is actually there bubbling away beneath the surface. It is so obviously the babies teaching adults and especially Mum’s and grannies how to be mothers but giving such complex cues and responses. The whole process is so amazingly interactive even when it appears that not much is going on. Best mental picutre from the weekend is Katie waving her al dente broccoli round while sitting up and surveying all and clearly just thinking that life is pretty darned good.
    One thing I don’t like about modern baby “rules” is the one that necessitates keeping babies on their backs. Tummies are so much more interesting as you can be busy from the beginning figuring out just how to be the master of all you survey. So those are my thoughts. Big hug to Katie.

  3. Aunt BEAST

    I love reading about Katie’s progress and Jamie’s Big Brother Bits!
    And thank you for the birthday wishes: my ISP no longer carries any of the alt. hierarchy, so I am relegated to Google Groups. Yuck.
    **waves & blows kisses**

  4. She sounds lovely. I am really pleased to find this blog – I too am a GP and my children are the same age as yours, so I’ll be reading with interest.
    I am also relieved to find that I’m not the only one who sometimes forgets to feed her baby… #2’s favourite breakfast at present is soggy soldiers of toast and whatever he can steal from my plate (that’s if I remember to give him any).

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