We have had the Interview Of The Three Hundred Questions, on which I hope to write a full post in due course ('due course', of course, potentially meaning anything within the next several months).  However, the bottom line for now is that we have indeed managed to get official confirmation of what it has been becoming increasingly obvious for the past several months is going to end up being the diagnosis; now that the votes have been collected and the boxes ticked, Jamie has indeed been diagnosed with a mild form of autistic spectrum disorder.

I'm pleased to have that sorted out.  Although in one way it's only confirming what we've already known for some time, any thoughts or discussion of Jamie's ASD have hitherto been encumbered with that untidy straggling thread of disclaimer ("Well, probably ASDalthoughwe'restillwaitingfortheofficialdiagnosis"), and it's nice to have that neatened up.  On a more practical note, I think we've reached the stage where an Official Diagnosis is going to be useful.  So far, Jamie has done nicely with no input more specialised than what we and his nursery provide for him, but I do think that as he gets closer to school age he's likely to benefit from having something more, and having a diagnosis is going to be an important step in looking at/choosing from whatever the possible range of options in the Something More category may be.


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2 responses to “Diagnosis

  1. Granny C

    Jamie is blessed with very loving parents and lots of strengths as well as challenges. He will do well and we will all follow his progress with love and affection. GrannyC

  2. I teach a fair few ASD children, and it is a Spectrum disorder, it is a delight and a joy to listen to the fresh thinking, it is a worry at times, but mostly they are truely special children. They do have special needs in the traditional sense of the word, but then doesn’t every child? They do need an IEP, but then shouldn’t every child have a right to an individual education? They do need love and care and attention, but again, shouldn’t every child?
    It is different though. I know it’s different. I may well know from a teachers point of view, and, should my deep suspicions ever be confirmed, from a parents point of view.
    It’s an exciting journey though. If you think there is anything I can do, shout. And look for a copy of the Transporters DVD.

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