General knowledge

"So what's this?" Jamie mused to himself as he explored the gift

'This' was one of a jar of rubber globes, an inch in size, intended as desk ornaments. 
Before I could tune in enough to answer him, he had done so himself: "It's the Earth!"

I was surprised, and
pleased.  I hadn't realised my son had acquired enough general
knowledge to know our planet when he saw it.  All those hours leaving
him to peruse computer programmes alone or sit in front of the TV were obviously
bearing fruit in terms of improving his brain.  Once again, I could see
how my little boy was growing up.  It wouldn't be long before school and
homework and an unfolding lifetime of moments in which he'd surprise me
with some piece of his knowledge about the world.

right!"  Perhaps I should expand on that; seize the moment to plant the
seed of further information, nurture his little mind.  "Do you know
that the Earth is where we all live, little one?  All of us.  And if
you went out into outer space and looked at the Earth, it would look
like this."

"That's right."  Jamie nodded offhandedly; such cosmological details were clearly no news to him.  "If we go
out into space.  Where Pocoyo lives."

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