A Jamie Story

(With backdrop of Sodor Adventureland)

'One day, Diesel had a square face.  He went to visit James who had a round face and Spencer who had an oval face.  They were on the turntable.  Diesel went on the turntable.  The turntable was switched off so they went to see the Fat Controller, who said they had to press the big white button three times to make the turntable work.  They pressed it <press press> 1 <press>, 2 <press>, 3 <press>.  No! That's too many times!  You must press it 3, 2, 1!  Then they could press it 1, 2, 3.  Then the turntable turned round and they could all go into the sheds and go to sleep.'


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4 responses to “A Jamie Story

  1. Granny Constance

    Hi, didn’t you leave off the 4,5 before the fat controller pointed out the error? Love from Granny Constance

  2. Granny Constance

    Didn’t you leave out the 4 and 5 before the fat controller pointed out the error and made them go backwards. Hmmm plot development is such a bummer. XXGranny Constance

  3. Barry assures me that although he pressed it five times, he only counted to three. Then he noticed the discrepancy and insisted on pressing it while counting backwards, which apparently cancelled it out. So I was trying to indicate gestures within a reported narrative, which is even more difficult than plot development. They never covered this sort of stuff in school English classes.

  4. Clare Wilson

    Hi there. This isn’t really intended as a public comment, but I couldn’t see a way to email you directly – I’m probably missing something obvious. Anyway, I’m the medical features editor on New Scientist magazine and I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now. If you’d be interested in writing for the magazine it would be great to discuss some ideas with you. Could you email me to let me know?
    Best wishes
    Clare Wilson

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