Further news about my sister

"You know Auntie Ruth?" I enquired rhetorically of my children.  "Well, she's got some exciting news.  There's a baby in her tummy!"

"In MY tummy!" from Little Miss Don't-Dare-Leave-Me-Out-Of-Anything.

"Er, no, Katie.  In Auntie Ruth's tummy.  It's still very tiny and it has to stay in there for a long time still, but it will get bigger and bigger and some time in September – maybe about the 14th of September or maybe earlier or maybe later – it will be big enough to come out.  And then it will be your cousin!"

"Of course," Jamie agreed equably.  "Now, we have to draw all these A's on this piece of paper."

If anyone would like to respond with any more conventional sentiments, do feel free to do so – I am exceedingly pleased about the upcoming prospect of aunthood.  In the meantime, huge congratulations once again to both Ruth and Neil.


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4 responses to “Further news about my sister

  1. I love the way children respond to this. Maxi recvently asked if I could put a sister in my tummy for him!

  2. Ruth

    thanks Auntie Sarah!

  3. I have been an aunt to my cousin’s kids for quite some time now, and most of the time, when someone brings news of a new baby on the way, the most common response I hear is a question: “How can we get babies, auntie?”
    – Abbey http://my-healthcareblog.blogspot.com/

  4. I’ve been an uncle since I was 18 years old. And a Godfather since I was 16. It was a weird experience for me. It’s like wow I have gained a certain level of status to
    be part of this child’s life. And I can’t forget that.

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