To my sister, with love

At my wedding, my sister braved stage fright and laryngitis to stand up and surprise me with a beautiful speech, thanking me for what I'd done for her as a sister.  I always thought I'd return the compliment at her own wedding, but my sister and her new husband decided to limit the speeches to one each for the two of them plus one very brief welcome from my mother at the beginning of the meal.  I can't deny I was relieved not to have to write a speech and deliver it in public, but it does seem pretty obvious that my sister got the short end of the stick here; two weddings at which she gave a speech in which I was thanked and praised, none at which I did the same for her.  So this, instead, is my thank you to her.

Ruth, thank you for all the times you've fought my corner.  Thank you for all the times you've been there for me.  Thank you for being the strong-minded, caring, funny, determined, wonderful person you are, and thank you for being my sister.  It was a privilege and a joy to see your wedding day today and be a part of it, and I wish you and Neil every happiness for all the years to come.


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3 responses to “To my sister, with love

  1. Ruth

    Thank you for this lovely posting. it was a brilliant day and wonderful to have you there. All my love xxx

  2. Granny C

    To have two daughters who have grown up being real sisters. That is just THE best! Love and admiration to the two of you. Plus it really was a magical day. xxGranny C

  3. Mazel Tov to your family!
    (Makes me wish I had a sister…)

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