…the final…

Well, despite the whole business with the computer going down over the weekend when I was trying to catch up, and despite me getting in to work to discover that the head receptionist and the health care assistant were both off sick, and despite the failing fluorescent light in my room that has been flickering on and off all day in seizure-inducing fashion… I have, in fact, had a very reasonable day.  And, by 2.36 p.m. this afternoon, I printed off the last prescription, completed the last pending comment in a patient's notes, and pronounced myself caught up.  I went for a walk to celebrate.

(One item that I missed from the list of things that were personal and important enough to me to leave on my desk right through to the end was my Edward Monkton desk calendar, an endearingly quirky set of cartoons and comments about life.  June's comment is "The little bags of magic say there is NOTHING that they cannot do."  It has been my inspiration for the past few days, and I am now beginning to believe it.)

I have eleven patients left to see today (one of them has a double appointment booked), and I am not underestimating the potential of the afternoon surgery to wreak utter havoc on the day.  But I have the satisfaction of knowing that, for once in my life, I enter the fray with a clean slate, fully caught up.

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