Using double-sided sticky tape for speed

Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Blogging
This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Personal Blogging hosted by Good Goog and Blogs With Wings. This month our participants have shared their journey to personal blogging. Please visit Good Goog – Begin By Being Personal to view everyone's posts.

Sorry – had to edit the post to say that, as part of the posting conditions.  Anyway, to get back to where I was, there's a new carnival out there in Blogland. This time, it's personal.  (Damn – that joke really doesn't work any more now I've got that prologue in, does it?) Yup. The Carnival for Personal Bloggers has arrived – a carnival for anyone who 'primarily uses their own life experience as the content for their blog'. If you're really, really quick you can even join in with the first month's theme, the deadline of which is tomorrow. (OK, forget that bit – I wrote it several days ago.  Start getting ready to join in next month, instead.) 

The theme in question is 'Getting Personal – Journey to Personal Blogging'.  This is of course sort of ironic in my case, since I seem to have unintentionally spent the past seven months drifting further and further away from personal blogging.  Between the various carnivals, writing workshops, opinion posts, and meanders into long-past jobs, I've barely so much as told a cute anecdote about my children this year.  What I really need is a theme about 'Getting Impersonal – How I Totally Lost Track Of My Intentions To Be A Personal Blogger.'  Barring that, I'll take a personal bloggers' carnival.  Maybe having a carnival that requires me to write about my life will be the spur I need to actually start writing about it.  (Maybe I should stop waiting for a spur and actually just go ahead and write about it.  Yeah – that one's probably true.)

Oh, and the theme?  I'm totally cheating on that one, having already written that post five years ago when I first started out. So, here's one I made earlier.  And where do I see myself and my personal blog in the future?  Why, right here, and still with really good intentions to spend time writing about my children.


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4 responses to “Using double-sided sticky tape for speed

  1. Ruth

    Write about the kids! We miss hearing about them. xx

  2. I like that – ‘how I got sidetracked’! It’s so easily done, isn’t it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Granny C

    Desperate for more postings!

  4. Hello Dr. Sarah!
    Thank you for your valuable feedback in one of my recent post about the common myths of SAH parents :)! Yes, I agree about the myth you mentioned, which is men can be a stay-at-home parent too! I personally do not know anyone in this situation although I do have a bloggy friend whose hubby is a SAHP. Thanks for highlighting this to us all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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