Hello To The Strawberry

"You and I," Katie informed me, "are luckids."

"Lockets?"  My brow furrowed.

"Noooo!  Luckids!

"Luckits?  What's that?"

"Luckids!  It's like a big basket with a handle an' somebody carries it around."


"Luckids.  A giant is carrying us around."

"Do you mean luggage?"

"Yeeees!  Luggids!"

"So, you and I are luggage, and a giant is carrying us around."


"Where is the giant carrying us to?"

"Somewhere with long sticky-up grass."  Katie sketched upwards vertical lines in the air, indicating long sticky-up grass.

"Long sticky-up grass."

"Yes.  In America."

"So you and I are luggage being carried by a giant to somewhere with long sticky-up grass in America."


I should have asked her whether we were made of sapient pearwood.


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2 responses to “Hello To The Strawberry

  1. Granny C

    Katie, what a wonderful thought. Thank you. It’s surprising how often I feel like a piece of luggage being carried around by a giant but just never managed to find the right words. Sarah, I think you may have a novelist on your hands!

  2. We have very similar conversations in our house – how lovely. Flea likes to tell me that we are animals going to America on a big ark. No giants though, lucky for me!

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