Project Simplify

While flicking through yesterday's Sunday Surf links over lunch on Monday, I came across this.  An invitation to spend five weeks of my life decluttering in (virtual) company and posting about it, thereby simultaneously ridding myself of my clutter and adding more visitors to my blog.  Given my New Year's resolution, how could I resist?

Well, I can think of a couple of reasons:

1. After a considerably delayed start to the decluttering plans while I spent almost two months struggling to motivate myself to get going on it, I finally clicked into my stride a week and a half ago and there has been no stopping me since.  Currently, I'm cresting a wave of inspiration as to how I can declutter/reorganise the children's stuff and shift the growing mountain of deal-with-it-later junk that has been accumulating in the spare bedroom over the past several years.  I'm on a roll here.  Working on a different project instead might get in the way of that, which would be a tad ironic. 

2. I don't know where the camera is.  (You know you have an organisational problem when you can't find the camera to take the 'before' pictures you're meant to take of your clutter.)

And, of course, the biggest reason not to hit the 'post' button on this right now: What happens if I make this post committing myself to the project and then don't do anything about it and end up looking like a giant idiot?

On the plus side, of course, joining this project will mean I get to put a couple of cool buttons on my blog.  OK – I think I'm in.

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One response to “Project Simplify

  1. GrannyC

    Oh boy, am I swimming with you in the deep waters of this project….its almost worth starting a blog but instead I will piggy back on yours. So declutter countdown here I coooooome xxxgranny c Love the logo’s

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