"Pink's my favourite colour," Katie announced.  (Actually, it was probably more like 'moy favourite colour' – somewhere between the childminder and the two nurseries she has attended so far in our shuffle of childcare arrangements, she seems to have woken up one morning with the most incredibly strong local accent.)

"Really?" I inquired.  "What happened to yellow?"  Katie misses no opportunity to announce to us that yellow – or lellow, as she pronounces it – is her favourite colour.  (Commenting aloud as she builds with Megablocks – "Red block.  Blue block.  Green block.  FAVOURITE COLOUR!!  Blue block…")

"Yellow got worn out," Katie explained, "and I like lots of colours."

She likes lots of everything, in fact.  Her approach to life is marked by boundless enthusiasm (interspersed with bursts of furious indignation at any trivial detail that doesn't go her way, but let's focus on the positive here).  "What a lovely trip to the dentist," she proclaimed as we left after her first visit.  "I'm sooo happy you got all those good flavours!" she cheered when I showed her the box of breakfast bars I'd just bought.  The new wooden seats on the benches in town, the other day, sent her into paroxysms of ecstasy – "Look, Mummy!  They're new!  They're so good!  And there's ANOTHER one!  And ANOTHER!"

Yesterday afternoon, we were in town again, filling in a quiz Jamie's school had given us to do over half-term (involving tracking down all sorts of photos snapped of details of architecture or shop signs in order to answer questions about their sources – astonishingly difficult and great fun), and Katie got me to unzip her coat so that she could hold it out in the shape of wings.

"Look, Mummy!" she squealed, running back and forth.  "My wings are WORKING!  My wings are WORKING!"  She ran and ran, her coat held out, flying on bright red wings and bright imagination.  When she eventually got too hot, she shucked her coat off, left it in the pushchair, and held her arms out instead.  "Look, Mummy!  My new wings!  My old ones got worn out.  But now my new wings are working!"

May you always feel that way, my daughter.


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3 responses to “Winged

  1. Granny C

    I challenge anyone to read this and not feel better about just about anything. That’s my Katie!
    Love Granny C

  2. Ruth

    Lovely post. She obviously takes after her Granny “this is the best glass of water I’ve ever had” Constance…
    What an amazing kid.

  3. Kathryn

    LOVE hearing all this — what great fun!
    Oh – and would you ask Katie & Jamie to give their Mum a great big birthday hug from me???
    Aunt BEAST

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