Artistic temperament

There is a well-known psychological assessment for children that involves asking them to draw a house, a tree, and a person and analysing the results.  I have no idea how accurate this is (the only reason I've ever heard of it is my misspent childhood reading books of the 'My Heartwringing And Thought-Provoking Experience As A Teacher Of A Special Class' genre), but, when Katie demanded the other day that I come up with an idea for something for her to draw, I thought, what the hell, it's not as though I have any other ideas that I feel a burning need for my three-year-old to immortalise on paper, and said 'A house'. 

She started off with the conventional square, and I waited for her to add windows, doors, and a roof.  Instead, she filled it with a number of objects that she assured me were:

An oven with two sausages in

A ceiling

A ground floor

A slide ('in case I want to slide down the slide')


A racing car

Woody's feet (not, it appears, the Woody from Toy Story – further details as to who or what this Woody might be were unforthcoming)

Woody's legs.


Out of curiosity, I did then google for the House-Tree-Person test to see what all this meant.  It appears my child is off the scale for psychopathology.  Personally, I prefer to go with the conclusion 'delightfully creative'.


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3 responses to “Artistic temperament

  1. Ahahahahhaa, brilliant. My daughter too ( who is exceptionally creative) used to add slides, wheels and meticulously drawn food. Two peas in a pod it would seem 🙂

  2. My lovely child drew his house on fire. Talk about getting strange looks for the therapist.

  3. Granny Constance

    Really lovely post. Granny Constance

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