Je ne regrette beaucoup

Britmums have started giving out weekly prompts for blog posts, of which the first is 'If I could start my blog over, I would…', with invitation to talk about what we regret not coming up with in terms of names, headers, designs, whatever.  This provides me with the perfect opportunity to vent one of life's minor annoyances: the fact that the perfect title for a mummy blog occurred to me only several months after I had committed myself to this particular name/URL.  The Mummy's Curse.  There you are – wouldn't that have been more eye-catching than the one I actually thought of?

Beyond that, I have no regrets and am a bit bemused by the thought of having any.  Although the blog URL is irrevocably set unless I actually abandon this one and opt for a different one elsewhere (which I could do, but am not sure I want to leave a blog that's served me so well), everything else about blogging, unlike other life decisions, is open to change.  If I ever did wake up one day thinking "Oh, no – why did I not opt for a jazzy red-and-blue design for my blog header?" it would probably take me all of five minutes to change the settings accordingly. 

This does, however, seem like a handy moment to consider a suggestion my sister made.  Although this is theoretically a general blog, in practice nearly all my posts fall into one of two categories – Cute Anecdotes About Children, or Deconstruction Of Pervasive Parenting Myths.  Although both of these fall quite reasonably under the umbrella of 'parenting blog', my sister suggested that perhaps I should start two separate blogs for these two separate and disparate strands of my thought processes.

I see the logic – there probably is a place for a blog that's purely about The Truth Behind Those Parenting Myths.  (Especially since the superb Mainstream Parenting blog, which fulfilled just such a role, now sadly appears to be defunct.)  I'm just not sure I have the kind of time available to post to it regularly – it's hard enough keeping up regular posting on a single blog, and the Truth Behind Parenting Myths posts take forever to research and write.  So I think practicalities preclude that one.  I call upon you for your input, dear readers – what do you think?


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2 responses to “Je ne regrette beaucoup

  1. but you’ve already written some brilliant posts under that category. Why not just collect them all together and post them to a separate blog and then as and when you write new ones you can copy them to there as well. Those types of things are pretty timeless (unless new research comes out I guess) and so will keep, and don’t need to be updated that regularly. If i google ‘the truth behind breastfeeding myths’ or whatever, then your post will be just as useful now, 5 years ago or in a year’s time pretty much. I think it’s mainly a ‘marketing’thing. With blogs, as with many things, I think people like to know what they are getting- they will go to your blog because they have a specific area of interest. If they see something totally different as the most recent post they might give up.

  2. Granny C

    My suggestions are
    i) just keep going! Your stuff is really excellent on so many multiple levels that I can’t do it justice in this short note.
    ii) I actually think the evidence based parenting is the basis for a really useful book as well as a blog.
    iii) I would retire the “clutter logo’s” which were fun when first put up and I personally benefitted from your declutering observations and inspiration BUT it is confusing now that this is not a primary theme.
    iv) One suggestion is to definitely keep this site as ‘Good Enough Mummy’ where you have many loyal fans, myself included but take your material and also post it on two discrete subblogs one on evidence based parenting and the other on child development and observation which is more personal should keep the combined blog as is [minus decluttering logo’s] I know this amounts to three blogs [a bit like the Scorerors Apprentice] but 2 are, in effect, re-posts. Hopefully this would not be much more work once they are set up. [said she who is not doing the work, mind you]
    v) Definitely, definitely keep your existing Good Enough Mum so that all your loyal fans who love its delicious serendipity quality to go on enjoying each and every post.
    But bottom line is thank you so much for this brilliant blog. Best from a true fan and v proud granny
    Granny C

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