My next project, and a question for the masses

This week, the Britmum's Blog Prompt is 'My biggest pet peeve is…'  Mine, as many people who read this blog will have noticed, is the misrepresentation of clinical research to try to prove a theory that it does not, in fact, back up.  I wouldn't have bothered writing a blog post just to say that, but it happens to be a good lead-in for something on which I'd like your opinions.

I have decided to take my sister's advice.  For those of you who don't know, I occasionally, when I can get the time, write posts discussing and debunking popular parenting-related claims on such thrilling subjects as sleep training (has it really been shown to be harmful to babies?), breastfeeding older children (bad? beneficial?), and the MMR (was there any good foundation to the supposed link with autism?).  (With apologies for the spoilers, my conclusions were that the answers to those questions are, respectively, no, no, not particularly, and no, respectively.) 

Anyway, my sister has suggested that I set up a separate blog for this genre of post – a debunk-the-parenting-mythology blog, along the lines of the wonderful but now defunct Mainstream Parenting.  I objected that it would be a pretty empty blog given how infrequently I find time to write that sort of post.  So what, she responded (I'm paraphrasing) – just put the posts up there when you can, and people who are googling for information on those subjects can still read them.  So, I have decided that, some time over the next couple of months when I have a bit of spare time, I'll give it a shot.

Now, the important question – what should I call it?  So far, my ideas are:

Parenting Myths, Parenting Facts

The Science Of Parenting (which also happens to be the title of a well-known book, so I would have to put in a disclaimer about not having anything to do with the book, and I'm not absolutely sure where I'd stand on copyright terms even then.  On the plus side, it would be handy for increasing the Google hits.)

Mythbusting Mum (hmmm.  I don't think so.  Alliterative, but too twee.)

So I throw the floor open to you, my dear readers, inviting votes and vetoes on those and/or alternative suggestions.


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7 responses to “My next project, and a question for the masses

  1. How about:
    Just the Facts, Mum (hmm, an American TV reference, so maybe not)
    Let Sleeping Statistics Lie
    You Can’t Handle the Truth
    Of your choices, I like the first one best.

  2. i do hope you’ll continue posting such things here, as well.

  3. Emma Pooka

    Incidentally, have you seen this?
    I retreat back into non-parent occasional lurk mode…

  4. Emms: Funny you should ask. As it happens, I spent rather more of Sunday afternoon than I should have reading the spat that ensued on feminist blogs in response to that article, and chipping in with my 2c. Anyway, now I’ve written a post about it (the policy, not the blog spat thereby triggered).

  5. Dr Spouse

    Unless you’d like to be a guest contributor to my other blog,
    I don’t get enough time to write, and I can’t really do the baby stuff anyway.

  6. Shall be watching with interest… I also love debunking myths, urban legends and bits of received wisdom.

  7. I do hope you’ll continue posting such things here, as well.

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