Let The Incoherent Ramblings Commence

Regular readers of this blog will probably have noticed that my New Year's Resolution to blog more about the children petered out even more quickly than I would have anticipated.  The reason for this (well, apart from all the usual stuff – busy life, writer's block, blah) is that decent Katie-related anecdotes have been outnumbering decent Jamie-related anecdotes by, oh, about infinity to zero.  A year ago Jamie discovered the pleasures of Nintendo DS games while at the childminder's, and, since then, has pursued this passion with a level of obsession achieved only by the autistic.  Since non-autistic young boys come in a close second on that one, he has at least made a friend through it, another child at the childminder's who is a seven-year-old boy and therefore considers it completely normal and appropriate behaviour to talk about Nintendo games to the exclusion of everything else.  All the rest of us, alas, have just a trifle more difficulty putting up with Jamie's insistence on relating an entire game level keystroke by keystroke to us in a non-stop monologue.  And these monologues are only brief (in relative sense of the term) interludes in the hours he spends either playing the game or watching recordings of it, with commentary on YouTube.  Ever heard of Chuggaaconroy?  Neither had I a few months ago – now I almost regard the guy as a family member. 

Sorry.  There is a point in here eventually.  Honestly.

So, what with Katie's constant running commentary on life and all its quirks and her opinions thereof and Jamie's constant running commentary on Super Mario Bros and Sonic, the child-related anecdotes have been hopelessly unbalanced, and I couldn't figure out a way to blog them without it looking like some sort of 'Hey, now we know which child Mummy really likes best' evidence for future years.  Add in aforementioned busy life and writer's block, and I gave up.  And have been trying to figure out how to get myself restarted – blogging about the kids, and generally blogging more – without a New Year to motivate me.

After six and a half years in blogdom, I've done variations on the 'Gee, I know I've really not been blogging much but I hereby resolve to do better' post so many times it's getting old even for me, and I couldn't face doing yet another.  So, on the principle of doing something differently even if it's totally mad and illogical (what, that isn't a principle? oh, well, whatever) I've decided that this year I really will sign up for NaBloPoMo.  One post every day, for one month.  If I really do well, I may even manage some that are more detailed than this.

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One response to “Let The Incoherent Ramblings Commence

  1. Granny Constance

    Your readership here in Berkeley LOVES this project!

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