Hello To The Strawberry

After the past few days of discussing disciplinary theory, I'm about ready for a quick and easy post.  Besides, the main point of doing NaBloPoMo was to blog more about the children.  So, on both counts, time for an anecdote.  Today, I'm taking them from the archives; general theme 'Unusual Speech Patterns In My Children, Circa Third Year Of Life.'  (If you're new on this blog and can't figure out how the hell the post title fits with any of this, see explanation here.)

Katie, when she was around that age, used to mispronounce initial 'h' sounds in words as 't'.  This could lead to some confusion – I remember struggling to figure out what the poor little mite wanted when she was standing there forlornly telling me she wanted 'a tug'.  At least I was a bit more clued up the next morning when she excitedly told me she had 'teacups'.  Teacups?  Funny way to describe the plastic sippy cup of water… oh, wait a moment, she means hiccups.

Jamie, at that time, used to show the typical autistic pattern of talking about himself in the third person and of phrasing requests as the question he wanted us to ask him (thus, a request for juice would be phrased as 'Do you want juice?').  But the one I liked best was when he said to me "Mummy, I sink Jamie would like another look at your T-shirt."  That's the ticket, kid – stick to being your own advocate in life, and you won't go too far wrong.

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