Mama’s got a brand new blog

A timely blog prompt from Britmums – What is my blog about, and what is my unique selling point?

So glad you asked.  My blog is mainly about parenting (theoretically it's about anything I want to write about, but, in practice, it turns out I mainly want to write about parenting).  However, it's covered two completely different aspects of parenting – my own personal experience of it, and my views on the various parenting controversies out there and debunking of myths thereof.  My sister has therefore been urging me to divide these two separate strands, fissioning the mythbuster posts off into a new blog solely for that purpose.

So, after humming and hawing and putting it off for that jam-tomorrow When I Have More Time, I've finally gone ahead and taken the plunge.  My new blog is now live, although still very much under construction – I'm kind of visualising it as a newly-built house with windows and doors still to be fitted and carpets still to be laid and a smell of plaster everywhere.  But I decided to take the Britmums prompt as a sign that I should stop with the perfectionism already and just go ahead and announce it to whatever very small part of the world possibly happens to be interested.  Feedback hugely welcomed, especially if positive.  Suggestions for further posts even more welcomed. 

My dramatic unveiling was somewhat spoiled by the fact that I somehow managed to mess the link up, but thanks very much for those of you who had the patience to figure it out/come back later.  Sorry about that.  Trying again – I hereby give you Parenting Myths, Parenting Facts.


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3 responses to “Mama’s got a brand new blog

  1. Granny C

    Really looking forward to this but couldn’t get the link to work.
    Congratulations on a new service to your readership. far and wide. Granny C

  2. The link doesn’t quite work. I could figure it out, though — it prepends your current blog address to the new blog’s.

  3. Visiting from NaBloPoMo – will check back later to see if you have managed to fix the link.

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