Just another…

Things I did today:

Got up around six-ish.  Put eggs on to boil for breakfast while starting to unload the dishwasher, but got called away from both when Jamie woke up around 6.30, so had to juggle completing those tasks with helping Jamie get ready and trying to convince him it was a school day (he had it in his head he was staying home, and an idea in an autistic child's head is the original Immovable Object).  Had breakfast.  Got a protesting Katie out of bed and ready.  Changed Jamie from the home clothes he'd insisted on putting on into school uniform, a process which involved physically wrestling with him to stop him pulling the clothes off as soon as I put them on.  Sat with him to stop him pulling his clothes off while Barry finished getting ready to take kids to childminder's.  Arrived at work ten minutes late after all that, although I made the time up when the second patient turned out to take much less time than expected.  Did work stuff all day.  Left late as usual.  Played with Katie while Barry got dinner ready and Jamie played on his computer.  Hustled kids into bed late.  Hung up laundry (we have a dryer, but I hang heavier stuff – tops, trousers, bedding – on the clothes horses).  Made lunches for Jamie and myself for tomorrow.  Cleaned up the kitchen counters.  Logged into work computer to get some stuff done that I hadn't done earlier.  Tried to think of something requiring minimal time and minimal brain power to write for NaBloPoMo.

Jamie doesn't often wake up that early, and he doesn't often kick up that kind of a fuss over going to school in the morning – both of those are fairly occasional events, fortunately.  Other than that, it was a pretty average Monday.

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